1. I feel like crap. I am just so fucking tired and grieving for the life that I don’t have due to stupid frickin chronic fatigue syndrome. I want to sleep but I cant. Yes I know it could be a lot worse but fuck off I am too tired to be noble. I am just tired and so so lonely.

    Hm sorry for mucho cussing, I am ughrnejkmfael


  2. I feel so effing shitty and I am in a really damn bad mood.

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  4. I have my first appointement with the CFS/ME specialist clinic tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect and I am not gonna let myself get my hopes up about it. They’ll probably just put me on crazy/happy pills because my brain isn’t good enough at being happy, and tell me that I eat to much/not enough. Idk all I want them to do is diagnose me with something that is actually a physical, solid illness that they know something about. I would rather know that I was going to die in a month, than not know if I will ever ever feel better from this illness that no-one actually know what it is/why the body does it


  5. not an inspirational post


    Chronic illness will break every bone in your body. It will steal your laughter and smiles and youth. It will ruin your life and tear down every fucking part of you that you recognize. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? How do you get over all of the trauma that chronic illness leaves in its wake.


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    I wasted a few minutes trying to remember what episode of Doctor Who this related to and then realized it was about Titanic…

    I wasted a few minutes trying to figure out why Rose and Jack would be in the Titanic episode when that’s season 4.

    I tried to click the reblog button in the picture.


    Whovians are a mess.

    But Jack never dies? Is this even about Doctor Who or?

    No it’s about the actual titanic hahaha. But I defiantly thought this was about doctor who too

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  7. image

    friendly reminder that there really is no flattering way to take the bedbound chronic fatigue selfie


  8. Does anyone know where I can watch Gilmore girls online for free??


  9. Pointless Rant (maybe trigger warning who fucking knows?)

    This is goi to be ful of typos cause for some reasonmy laptop doesn’t get on well with tumblr, and I am too godamned tired to try to fix it.

    I know I have no right to complain, lots of people have it worse than me. Hell that’s part of the issue. I just can’t see any light or goodness about life or in the world. Seems like everything and everybody is just always suffering. I don’t see anything to look forward to. If life is shit for everyone then what’s the point in it?

    I am sick to hell with being in pain all the time. I’m sick of every waking moment being obsessed by want

    ing to binge but at the same time never wanting to eat a crumb, because of this control/weight/whatever the hell issue I have. I am sick of wanting to sleep all of the time, yet even if I do I am always fucking exhausted. I am sick of my health being everyone’s favourite topic. I am sick of computer/TV screens, and the walls of my house. I am sick of the fact that although I am complaining a hell of a lot right now, my lift is by no means the worst, and so many people have it worse. That means that even if i do ever recover, I haven’t got anything to look forward to because life sucks for the healthy people too. I am sick of every day ending up in tears at least once,. I am sick of the fact that Leon is dead and I can’t see him. I am sick of my head being full of him. I am sick of missing him. I am sick of the fact that I dread the one day a week when I do my favourite thing, because my damn illness means I don’t enjoy it. I am sick of this damn brain fog, and the aches in all of my body. I am sick of the waiting for the CFS/ME clinic to actually get back to me, even though what can they even do when they do reply? Put me on crazy pills to make me happy? Make me talk to a counsellor about the fact that life is shit? I am sick of causing all my family and friends to worry about me, when they have enough on their plates as it is. This is a stupid post its depressive and self centred and over dramatic or whatever. I just don’t want to do this “life” thing anymore, because what’s the effing point. NO-one’s ever happy. But there’s no way to get out of this life thing. At least if my illness had an end-date looming I would know that it was finite. But after Leon’s death, I can’t say things like that about life being pointless, because his death has brken everyone, and i don’t want them to break any more.

    No I am no suicidal, or mentally unstable. This is just a ranty, stupid teenage post because life is just shut up serena know ono-ne’s even reading this.


  10. Are they having an End of Series pardy for Made in Chelsea? I haven’t seen anything about it…?


  11. Bruising?

    I have ben diagnosed with CFS/ME by my GP, and am being referred to a specialist clinic. They will probably be the ones to confirm the diagnosis. (or not confirm it, if it’s not that). Looking at the symptoms, I’m pretty much reseigned to the fact that it is, but I have a question. Do you guys get random bruising from nowhere, and just like leaning on things. It didn’t seen to be on the symptom list…


  12. fibroautoimmunecfsdeathmatch:

    My reaction to the first time a doctor told me that my illness couldn’t be cured but that it was “manageable”…

    uhtirgktrj yes


  13. Sims 2 Needs Cheat/Download

    Back when I originally used my Sims 2 I had this download which was a flamingo statue, which kept all their needs and ambitions full. Now that I’m thinking of playing sims 2 again, I would really like to use that or something equivalent, so i’m not stressing about feeding/socialising/peeing blahdeblah. Does anyone have a link to a download/or know a good chet code?


  14. I really need to have a shower or a bath or something but I’m so effing tired


  15. #Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

    Sister: How are you?

    Me: More tired than I can physically express, you?

    Sister: Oh yeah, I’m pretty tired today too!

    *Internal monologue of oh my goodness you don’t get it argh nope not the same*

    Me: Aw, I’m sorry to hear that, etc etc conversation continues.

    I mean I know its not her fault, and i’m being overly sensitive and irrational, but I freaking hate the fact that people think that i’m just feeling a little sleepy

    sorry this is probably just bitchy and muddled but grrrrrektjnguifrjekfg4tirejkm