1. Tired, ill and I don’t know the song, sounds like perfect thing to put on an internet full of potential haters :)


  2. What You Crave vs What You Need

    1. Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
    2. Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
    3. Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
    4. Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
    5. Cookies: Freudian psychology.
    6. Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
    7. Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
    8. Ice: The sweet release of death.

  3. I feek so ill and so fuckin tiredand I cant sleep uygtfg


  4. I am really tired rn, so this is gonna be brief, but I know i usually only post on here when times are bad, and i just want to throw a little heads up to the fact that I’m actually feeling really happy right now. Today my now boyfriend and I finally told people that we are a couple and had our first kiss, after taking things very slowly due to certain circumstances. I also got asked to sing a whole set following a 10 minutes open mic slot that i did the other day. Oh and this guy from the open mic told me he was interested in me, which doesn’t happen to me often. Ofc i didn’t reciprocate, but it was compliementary nonetheless. For the first time in forever I fel realy happy, and i don’t want to wke up tomorrow and be back in the real world… sorry for the typos etc, just wanted to show i’m not always a miserable git :)

    Also not gonna think about the fact that no way do I have the spoons to sing a whole set!


  5. cicatrici-scolorite:

    "Hopefully the the Mental Health clinic will tell you nothing is wrong and you’re not that bad." - said my Mother to me when booking the appointment.

    Really? That’s what you hope?

    That result plagues me and is my most terrible terrible fear.

    I need to hear that there is something very very…

    I really hope that they can get to the bottom of this, and help you to feel good again. Lots of love and hugs and sympathy from my little corner of the internet <3 Also I respect you so much, have managed to put into words exactly how I feel when I have appointments Xx

  6. gettingup-fallingdown:

    Liana made some little chronic illness slogan graphics that she thought might be helpful for people who have such illnesses to have on standby for facebook/tumblr/etc, or to print out to hand to people when explaining to yet another person is just too much!

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  7. Calling on people of the cfs/me community, I could use some advice. Do any of you have any advice for weightloss with cfs/me. Being unable to exercise means I really am stuck to just cutting my intake, which let’s be honest, is difficult when you’re stuck at home, bored and unable to do things, plus often wanting to comfort eat… Any thoughts you have, I’d love to hear?


  8. There really are no words to describe the “tiredness” of a bad (hell any) chronic fatigue day… Which results in me being kinda sure that a lot of people think that the only reason I don’t go to school or work, or exercise etc is because I’m lazy

  10. hungoverandhard-up:


    This is one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever read

    I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on my dashboard.. we are way too hard on ourselves.

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  11. Oh hey remember that time I had energy? And could go to school? And have a life? Mum’s away and the dog needs taking out, but I’m feeling the need to remain as horizontal and still as possible. In other news the friend I was looking forward to seeing all week came round but my head and body were foggy and hurting in a way that made it so hard to enjoy for the couple of hours he stayed, I am just sick of this

    CFS/ME: 1000

    Me: 0


  12. missskips:

    I motion to have the title of Doctor Who fans changed from Whovians to Wholigans.


  14. I mean, i dont think diana did that because SHE IS AN EVIL HUMAN BEING. All the bakers were stressed ut by the showstoper plus all the heat, chances are she was just majorly flustered and didnt think. I know we never see her apologise or look guilty, but tbh they might have edited it that way because if they made it seem like her fault not Ian’s, then there would be even more controversy over Iain being sent home. That being said, I think Norman’s consistently bad comments mean he should have been the one to go. Though Sue’s tweet about 40 seconds implied that Diana wasn’t the only factor in Ian’s less than perfect baked Alaska. Good god us Brit’s do take bake off seriously! Sue’s reaction when Ian began his hissy fit though :P


  15. I swear I am going to start screaming or crying and I have no idea which, or when it will happen